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Released January 2016, Identified by model number BDP-S3700

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Why is my Blu Ray Player not booting up properly, how to fix it

Something happened to the player and now if I plug it in and connect it it will not go past the screen where it says “Blu Ray” and in turn go to the start screen so I want to know where I can send it to be repaired and or restarted/rebooted so it will work again

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First time asking for help?! That’s great, be sure to ALWAYS give the manfuacturer and model information of your device when asking for help online, probably why I’m the first one to respond. The helper community gets pretty tired of instructing people over and over again to : say WHAT they want help with exaclty, model, then problem, then what you’ve tried, then more details.

Depending on the model / value of your player, it may not be worth it.

Here’s the official repair support page for Sony (my heaping pile…):

I have a BDP-S6500, and it’s not worth a dime if I can’t fix it myself in 20 minutes. It’s been finnicky from the first. Junk I say! My next one will be an LG I think, haven’t tried them in a while…

How I fixed mine most recently was use the “Troubleshooting Page” here:

Sony BDP-S3700 Troubleshooting

Which doesn’t come up on ifixit searches, but does on web searches, or you can navigate to the master page for the DBP-S3700, then click on “Troubhleshooting Page”.

I followed the answer for “HDMI Cable” under the not powering on section… it worked! Even though the setting they refer to (which is slightly different in the menus for each model on these pieces of junk) was OFF! Goodluck!

P.s. Sony spys on your watch activities, and even logs in to services while the device is off sometimes, presumably to download more watch data to sell your behavioral “fragments” off. Supposedly all the manufacturers do this now. Ridiculous. Also, if a the spying sony server goes down you can’t use your paid streaming services… double lame.

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