Is it possible to have working iMac 2013 without display?

Here is what I did :(

Will iMac be throttle / slow without display?

I had fully working iMac 21.5 2013 with cracked display - I knew if I remove display - iMac will throttle to very slow speed (because no LCD temperature sensor) - so I’ve removed that “strip” / daughter board from my working LCD - and to do so I had to cut those ribbons / flexes (which they are connected to LCD) and connected it to iMac motherboard - and iMac……. became sloooow - so slow cursor is choppy :( but fan spins nice and quiet - when I remove that daughter board - fan is full on - but at least cursor got normal speed - BUT iMac in Geekbench is so slow - it has about 3000 points out of 11000.

When “strip” is connected - top 4th LED green light is blinking - when removed - off completely.

I’ve tried to connect to motherboard that second LCD cable but no success.

Now the question is - is there ANY chance to have iMac fully working apart of buying new display replacement which is very expensive. :(

Thank You all for helping me.

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