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Why won't my iPhone 6S turn on?

iOS 12.1.4, iPhone 6S 64GB Black, Non-Jailbroken

Hey everyone,

Unlocked iPhone, opened YouTube++ (Sideloaded application). It proceeded to crash on launch and turn off my iPhone. It briefly displayed a screen that was glitchy-looking and had a weird line on the top right. (Kernel panic?).

I tried turning it on. Was met with Apple logo and it was frozen at the logo until I turned it off. Was able to go to Recovery Screen but I kept trying to turn on/off the iPhone because I wanted it to boot to iOS. Now, the phone won’t even turn on.

Currently using an iFixit battery inside the iPhone.

The iPhone’s Condition:

  • Unable to turn on.
  • Plugging it in to charge doesn’t turn on the phone.
  • Unplugging the internal battery and plugging it back in doesn’t fix the issue.
  • Attempting to boot in DFU Mode or Recovery Mode won’t work because phone won’t turn on.
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Impossible to answer your question without any testing. Unfortunately I’m of the opinion with such symptoms there are little doubts it’s a logic board issue. If it was a battery issue you would get some reaction when trying to charge it. You probably had a component going bad and with the intensive tasks required by video play and the little use you did afterwords trying to get it out of boot loop it just died off. Not much you can do on your own except perhaps finding someone in microsoldering to have a look at it.

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Totally agree!


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