Help with Glass only screen repair (Not lcd repair)

I have done many repairs before so I am not a total noob however I have just recently attempted to do a glass only screen repair on an iPhone 7, I got the glass of perfectly without problem but the glue that remains on the lcd seems impossible to get off without breaking the lcd even though im using 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. Any tips on how to overcome this? thanks in advanced.

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Just use the adhesive removal tool it's a heated scraper that cut through the glue.

Changing just the glass without all the tools required to do so sure seems like a total noob thing to do lol


I have been trying to use that and i feel like I’m having too scrape way too hard to get any adhesive off


Is it a handheld one or a proper one??? Make sure its heated enough... it should all just come off fairly easily, there is a chinese debonder liquid available that dissolves the glue as well but u have to be careful with it as it gets between the backlight if u havent removed that...


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