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How can I fix my touchpad with water damage?

I have a Lenovo 910 Yoga 13IKB. I dropped a bit of water on the touchpad sometime ago and the touchpad stopped clicking. It works, but the hard press function wont work. Can i fix this myself?

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The touchpad is part of the uppercase assembly.

To access it you will have to nearly completely dis-assemble the laptop.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop. This should help with the dis-assembly process as it details the pre-requisite steps and the procedures for the removal of the various components.

If you cannot repair the touchpad you may have to replace it.

You can either search for Lenovo 910 Yoga 13IKB touchpad or search for the the uppercase part number (FRU number only in the search term) appropriate to your particular model and hope that the touchpad is mentioned in the part description.

On p.56 there is a diagram showing all the various components.

On p.57-59 Item #2 you’ll find all the part numbers for all the country specific and various colour upper case assemblies available for the laptop.

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