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Is it possible to reinstall startup disk?

I have an old MacBook Pro 17-inch and I accidentally erased the Startup Disk…. (don’t laugh….).

It is possible to save it???

Update (06/20/2019)

This what I see when I turn the computer on:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I’ve tried everything. There is NO disk to install the OS X to…. It’s a 10.6.3 version…


And it is NOT responding to the "safe, etc." modes. Always starts up in the factory system install as if it was a brand new computer.


Thats the expected response from the recovery partition. Are you trying to recover your stuff? If you are, you'll want to setup another disk do you have a USB drive of some sort you can wipe out and install the OS onto? I would do that. Exit the OS installer by selecting the drive option menu to get to Disk Utility to format the external drive wit GUID journaled file system (make sure you name the disk so you can ID it). Then go back into the installer to install the OS onto the external drive. Once done you can then restart your system using it as your boot drive. The next action is getting a recovery program to un-delete your files.

Whats important here is you don't alter your internal drive, thats trying to install the OS or safe any files to it. If you do you run the risk of the file you are trying to safe gets over-written to.

I recommend this app Prosoft Enginerring - Data Rescue 5. The app requires space on the external drive to work which is equal or greater than the drives data you are trying to recover.


Hi Dan, thank you for your answer. I wiped the computer including the Startup disk.... there is no way to install the OSX because there is no disk showing in the install process.


But you stated "Always starts up in the factory system install as if it was a brand new computer." If you don't want to salvage the apps & data just run the installer!


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Try booting holding down the Option & R keys.

According to what system you had installed you may have a repair partition you can either restore or reinstall from.




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That doesn't work...


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