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The Capresso Infinity Model #565 is a conical burr grinder that is used to grind coffee beans varying across sixteen settings from Turkish fine to coarse.

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I can't adjust coarseness after reassembling the bottom burr

I removed the bottom burr of my capresso infinity for cleaning, and ever since reassembly it has been grinding coffee on only the finest setting, even when the dot is twisted to the coaresest setting. I suspect that whatever mechanism that adjusts the distance between the burrs is not working. What could I have reassembled incorrectly? I suspect it might be the ball bearings and springs - how are they meant to sit?

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I figured it out. We'd placed the springs and ball bearings correctly under the burr (first the springs go in, then the balls) but we hadn't aligned the top plastic piece above the burr with the bottom one that the burr sits on. There is a tiny notch that needs to fit together, and you can't feel it by spinning them together because they don't touch until everything is screwed and tightened. You have to look to make sure they're aligned before you start screwing everything back together. Hope this helps someone.

This video and the comment thread helped us figure it out:

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yes, thank you. i did the same thing and have been searching forever trying to figure out what i could have done wrong. personally, i think the design could have been a little more user friendly.


I watched the video and see lining up the start of the gap in the black ring, but not sure what that has to do with the springs and ball bearings.


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