JBL Clip 3 do not turn on?

My jbl clip 3 don’t turn on.

When i press the power button it dosen’t turn on, nothing.

When i plug it to charge, the red led turns on and after that it turn off in few seconds.

I opened it and disassembled it completly.

I checked the battery and it’s showing about 4,2volt, so i thinck it’s full charged and this is the reason why the red led turns off after few second when it's pluged to the charger.

Whet i pluged the battery back to the main board i hear the “turn-on” ringtone, the led is blinking and from the speaker i hear a “white noise”… all this for about 10 seconds and after that it turns off again and it’s all like before. So i have to disconect the battery from the main board, wait for 1 min (maybe less) and when i connect it back it's doing the same i wrote before.

It's like it gose in recovery for some reason.

Inside there isn't any sign of water infiltration, and all the electronics components seems to be all "healthy".

P.S. sorry for my poor english

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