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LG 42LW5700 TV won't turn ON and RED light flashing.

It would not turn ON but the Red LED light keeps on flashing. The manner of flashing is one slow long flashing that keeps on repeating and would not stop. I have checked the power supply unit board and I am only getting 3.5V DC on the 24V DC pin. Power supply part no is EAX 628645401/8.

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@monesi1107 double check your power supply board number. I show a EAY 62169801 for your model. Also, let us know what (where) pins you checked the voltage on.


Huge mistake on my part. I measured it at the back side of the board and somehow short circuited it. Now a white steady light is ON instead of flashing red light. If I would turn ON the unit, no clicking sound indicating that power kicked in. No more voltage reading on the PWR-ON pin of the connector. I assume this is the standby voltage. I am measuring the connector of the power board to the main board. Did I damaged the both boards? The power supply board P/N is EAX62865401/8 as written on the board. It is REV 1.0 dated 2010.11.19.


Unplug the connector from the power board to the main board and try to turn your TV on. Anything? do you still get the backlight to turn on when you do this?


Once the connector is unplugged, there is no standby light anymore. I have measured the voltages on the pins of the unplugged connectors and gives me the following. Pin1(PWR-ON)=0V; Pin2 (24V)=0V; Pin3-4 (GRND); Pin5-6 (3.5V)=3.5V; Pin7-8(GRND); Pin9-11 (12V)=0V; Pin 12 (NC).


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@monesi1107  you are right of course. You went by the part number whereas I went by the PCB number . Those are the same boards. Sounds like you shorted out the power board which I believe was the issue from the beginning. I do not have a schematic for this power board so consider either replacing the complete board or get a repair kit for this board from places like this

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The flashing is an error code, check the LG site for what. Power supply startup failures are “usually” capacitor failures in the switched mode power supply circuitry. You can see about a replacement or even fixing it. There’s at least 1 website that assembles kits of the recommended capacitors based on make & model.

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