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iPhone 6s Battery Drain.. can be caused From LSD?

Hi everyone.. HI @refectio SIR

I have an iphone 6s with battery drain problem. Obviously i replace tristar battery dock connector check without everything connect, for verify if the problem is in MOTherboard.

During Microscope check i verify LSD Damage, phone work perfectly but have only Battery Draning problem. Abybody think it can cause from LSD damage? Thanks Guys

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That doesn't look like LSD damage to me. If you are uncertain, you can remove the standoff (it is soldered onto the board) and inspect it more closely.


@refectio Thanks a lot Sir..


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Is home button heating up (short circuit) by any chance while phone is on charger? I’ve had that happen a few times without noticing.

There are quite a few traces under that screw hole so better to check and see if they are shorting on ground plane.

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Thanks a lot @ben :))


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