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Is dot projector repairable?

My iPhone x just got water damaged and my face id doesn't work.

But i'm not getting any message that says "Face ID not available".

I checked flood illuminator and dot projector by ir camera and only flood illuminator works.

Is it possible that only the IC of dot projector has got damaged (not the part that produce some sort of unique id, only the part that emits ir dots) and by replacing the dot projector IC it would work?

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I have the same problem


Please share a link where I may find the dot projector replacement parts


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Dot projector upper layer can be replaceable.It`s complex but can be fixed able.I have done it.

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Would you mind tell me how? I'll send my email for our further conversation


I have the same issue.. is there some where i can get this fixed? i have an iPhone XS.


How did you get the dot projector to work?


How can it be done? I have the same issue


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No, unless you go to Apple directly, the dot projector is irreplaceable.

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To fix a damaged dot projector, you need to transfer the encryption chip as I learned from below.

Block Image

And to test Face ID parts, you can follow steps in the repair guide:

Risoluzione errore Face ID "Muovi l'iPhone un poco in alto/basso" su iPhone X

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