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A portable speaker first manufactured by Philips in 2012

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What does it play why for 15min and cuts off

Its a philips ntrx500/37 bluetooth speaker with a fan at the bottom on the back of speaker.

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Hi @djfindme1

You mentioned cut off, which is not so clear.

What happen next?

no battery and you need recharge or wait and power on again and it repeats again?

what had you checked?


Meaning every time i power it on my speaker plays for 15min then it stop playing and power off. I would power it on again and it does the same thing over. I havnt checked anything major. I have a fan on the back And it spins. I cant tell if my speaker over heated because it does feel hot on the outside anywhere. So what can be the trouble shot. Also my power button is stuck so i have to plug and unplug to use my bluetooth speaker. But i think thays the issue.


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It’s possible the battery needs to be replace. Well, that is if it can be replaced and if it’s actually worth it. A bad battery could explain why the device is getting hot. There might be some internal protection that is causing the device to then power off to prevent damaged or a fire risk.

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