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iPhone 4 disabled for 25 million minutes

Okay so this a tough one.I recently broke my main phone and i thought i would use my old iPhone 4 till i get a replacement but i forgot that it was locked for 23 million minutes,like 2 years ago!It has a broken power button so I cant get in dfu mode,i did remember the password like some hours ago,i tunes wont let me reset it because it needs access from my phone(which I cant allow),redsn0w wont work,rec boot has missing files in all of the websites ive looked and inserting a sim card doesnt work because i need to put my pin code and i cant open the phone.Should i just get a button replacement and get in dfu or is there any other way?

Would love to hear if some of you have had this issue and if and how you got it fixed!!

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There’s no way beside recovery or DFU to access a disabled iphone. In principle there is a way to simulate the home button clicking by shorting pins, but iPhone 4 schematics are of no help and in any case it might be dangerous for the phone integrity considering the very small size in question. Replacing the home button would be the safest thing to do.

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I totally agree!


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