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Do different models require differnt Pentalobe driver sizes for batter

I have this MacBook Pro and early on I trashed the keyboard with a tiny bit of water on it while it was running. Since I have not replaced the entire upper case to replace the keyboard.

Now there is a keyboard available for the machine, which I have purchased and now have to hand. But, the instructions for replacement of upper case indicate a special pentalobe screw driver.

I can buy that as well but I am wondering if there are different sizes of pentalobe drivers for different models. I have three Macbook Pro 15” machines. One has a battery cover so doesn’t need the driver to remove the battery.

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Over the years Apple has altered the design of the 15” MacBook Pro’s. As an example this is the very first version!

Block Image

Here’s a picture of the 2010 model

Block Image

And lastly here’s the current 15” MacBook Pro

Block Image

Each series has a very different configuration internally.

So what does that have to do with the battery and the screws that hold it? You’ll need to review each series you own to see what tools are needed to figure out which Torx driver will be needed or just breakdown and get a full set of bits within a took kit.

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Thank you Dan;

So as I understand you some may not even need a pentalobe driver to remove the battery.

Torx drivers are six point drivers. Pentalobe drivers are five point drivers.


I don't try to remember which screw is used on the different batteries. Apple has jumped around so often and people also swap screws so you never know what you'll face.

Review the guides here MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Repair to see which you are likely to face and just go with the flow ...

FYI: The newest Gen of MacBook Pro's batteries are glued in no screws holding them in. But! You may face a clip with a screw holding the power cable down.


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