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Stuck on Apple logo and unable to get into DFU


I’m trying to troubleshoot this issue, the phone is after battery swap not done by me, since then it’s stuck on Apple logo. I’ve read some things on this and I would like to try restoring it BUT ;

1) The phone is turned on and I’m not able to turn it off, not even hard reset or anything works

2) I let the battery die and if the phone charges enough it starts up automaticaly so I cannot press the combo for DFU mode

My next step would be trying to disconnect the front camera etc., but I would like to somehow try not opening it first. Any ideas? Thanks.

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If you can’t get into DFU mode, then you’re next step will be to open up the device and disconnect everything except the battery and charge port (still, disconnect the battery beforehand!) and see if it boots into iTunes. If that is stable, then keep adding flexes until the phone fails (always disconnect the battery first!). If a minimum setup still fails, try a replacement charge port. Otherwise, you have a logic board issue.

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Must have home button issues because Home button also needs to go on DFU mode.Here i put some ideas to non technical person too.

Possible chances.

1- Clean the dock connector with toothprik.

2- Disconnect the battery press home and connect battery and insert cable.

3- if you do the following steps and even same that must be the problem of triaster for that you have to need microsoldering skills.

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