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Why is my iPhone 7 went blank and unresponsive?

I didn't dropped my iphone, no water damage, but suddenly when i was about to open Twitter, my screen froze and there were lines appeared and the lines started to cover all of the screen, and then the screen went blank and unresponsive. But the back light was on. The sound and vibration did not function. Again, i didnt drop my iphone. I tried to restart my iphone multiple times but nothing has changed. Then i did hard reset by itunes, also nothing change. I have been using my iphone 7 only for 5 months and it is still under warranty. Can i know what is the possible reasons behind these problems? Was it motherboard or LCD damage or something else? :(

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How old is it? did you ever have any problems before?


I just bought this iphone 5 months ago. No it doesnt have any problems before


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Better put the phone in forced DFU mode and restore via iTunes then see error that makes you to forward to the solution.If any errors seen by this you can solved after seeing errors.

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