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Processore dual core Intel Core i5 da 2,5 GHz (3,1 GHz con Turbo Boost) con 3 MB di cache L3.

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Can I take out the battery with a small charge so I can clean laptop?

I have a macbook pro but its starting to get very dusty in there! The side indicates that it is at 0% but still has a small charge.

I want to take it out can i do this?

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I agree with @a_i_takeover , there's no point in removing battery to dispose of dust around it, just blow it clean with canned air. What will really benefit your Mac would be cleaning nicely the fan and the heatsink _and_ replacing thermal paste which by now would probably be hard and dry, with little thermal conductivity left. If you’re of the brave kind, you can remove the logic board to clean top side too, but it needs quite a bit of time and care.

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Yes, but if you take it out, I suggest you only put a new one in. This battery is glued in with adhesive, making removal difficult. If you damage the battery in any way, it could expand and damage your macbook when reinstalled. That or it will go up in flames when punctured… Look at videos of people puncturing lithium batteries. Clean the dust out of the rest of your computer. unless your battery needs to be changed, dont bother with removing it to clean dust.

Update (05/05/2019)

THIS IS IF YOU HAVE A RETINA MODEL LIKE IT SAYS ON YOUR POST!! The unibody batteries can be removed with a Y screwdriver.

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