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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Accord coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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car won't start maybe because of aftermarket alarm system?

I have a 96 Accord and at first I thought why it sometimes didnt start was because of a loose battery cable clasp on the pole.. so I trickle charged battery up and determined I sometimes still had the non starting problem. Once, I let it just sit there after a non-start and the next day it started fine. I believe messing with the battery some, which bumpy roads mighta loosened the battery cable maybe?.. may have done something to the alarm system.. sometimes I have all electricity going, radio and so forth, but car wont even budge during ignition; zero happens. I have yanked the controller out for the aftermarket alarm system and still don’t have a start, so I’m wondering what to do further.. thanks!

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Todd McKean sure it could be the alarm system but that will be hard to check since we do not know how and where it is wired etc. I would stick with simple checks like making sure that the starter is in good working order, that the gear position switch functions properly and check the ignition switch as well. Try to “hotwire” your Honda by the ignition switch as well as by the starter and see if it then starts all the time. If so, you know that the failure is in the common parts/circuitry. Of course, you did repair your battery cable and made sure that you also have proper ground.

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