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The QiCycle Folding Electric Bike is Xiaomi’s first foray into the world of e-bikes. It has a 250W high-speed motor powered by Panasonic 18650 lithium batteries. The Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear hub in combination with the torque measurement sensor gives you up to 45km bike power on a single charge. It also has a trip computer can connect to your smartphones via their special app and is–of course–foldable.

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Why battery is 100% but display show me 0%?


I don't know why but suddenly my qicycle stops to work… The battery is charged but the display show me 0%.

I tried some solutions like disconnect and reconnect torque cable and try to update by official and unofficial app the firmware but It doesn’t work.

When I try to upgrade the firmware, the process failed every time and I tryed few times.

I don't know really how to solve the problem, please help me!

thank you very much!

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I have the same problem. Did you find the solution?

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I found it. In my case it is a broken cable into the ankle brake point of the cycle. I replaced it and it works just fine. Open the ankle and check the cables.


Can you help me? I have the same problem


Can pin point where is the ankle brake point of the cycle? Thank you.


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