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Blank screen, Half of the screen is not showing

My Tv is blank at the left side of the screen , almost half is not showing.

Please help me to solve this issue


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Hi @benlin ,

With the TV on, is the backlight showing on the left side of the TV?

If the backlight is off try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can detect an image at all. it will be very faint so try it in a darkened room to help you see if it is there or not.

If there is an image then there is a problem with the backlighting. Usually with LED TVs as opposed to plasma TVs (you don't state the model number) the backlighting is done by strips of LEDs so perhaps the power supply to the strip that is used for the left half is faulty or there is a break somewhere.

If the backlight is on, check if the connection from the TCON board to the panel is OK. If it is then it may be a faulty TCON board

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I guess that blank screen means a black screen. This happens because panel calibration is incomplete. Its normally go back to normal once it complete. If you don't want it to run set the picture reset mode to off. Get remote control and press the home button. Go to settings. --> system Preferences category --> Retail mode settings --> picture reset mode--> off

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