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The LG Gram 15 (2016) is a premium lightweight laptop from LG, with a 15.6" IPS display and magnesium alloy body. Measures 0.7" thick and 2.2 lbs in weight. Model number: 15Z960-A.AA75U1.

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How to fix the hinges on LG Gram 15.6"

The screen/lid on my 15Z980-A.AAS8U1 is wobbly and I suspect one of the hinges is broken or loose. How do I go about fixing this? If I need new hinge parts, where can I order them?

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Thank you ifixit and Jeff Suovanen, I was able to safely open my Gram and adjust the hinges, they apparently because of lots of use tend to get loose, I tightened them and now my screen is not wobbly, I’ve had my gram 15'“ since august 2018, over a year now and is being doing great! I am glad it was not a serious fix, thank you so much


First off, thank you @jayeff for the solution and @maximowk for the question!

Was wondering if the fix you @maximowk implemented still works? And what did you exactly do when you "tightened" them - did you just tighten the screws or did something else?

I have a Gram 13" and the same issue with wobbly screen. Thanks to this post I was able to easily open it (and the procedure is exactly the same; internals looks also almost the same, except the case is smaller).

In my case these 2x2 screws on the hinges were loose, I tigthened them but the wobbliness never went away, unfortunately... So wonder what else I might reasonably try within a budget. LG charge $500 for post-warranty service flat, so it's definitely a no-go.



Can you determine where it actually 'wobbles", i.e. is it in the hinge itself?

If it is you may be able to gently "crimp" the hinge so that it is a bit tighter on the pin that passes down the middle of the hinge. It may make it stiffer to open and shut but maybe gets rid of the wobble. You most probably have to remove the hinge to do this but don't overdo it ;-)

just a thought


Hey @Nickky I just found the screw on the left to be loose so the hinge was moving, loose, I could easily see that was the issue, so I just tightened and the hinge got pretty attached to the whole body of the laptop base making the screen more secured, not perfect because the screen is very thin, is natural that it moves, its been fine since then, I am actually replying here from my laptop now 2 and half years old and seems fine, I am moving the screen and has the normal movement acceptable it should have, I love this laptop! :)


This fixed it for me, too! I can't believe it was that simple - removed 8 screws from bottom (after taking rubber feet off that covered several of them) and then tightened the 2 screws on both ends of the hinge that were all loose. Thank you!


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Hi @scootro ,

It seems like a fairly new model laptop. Is this correct?

If so check if the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid and if it is, follow the directions in the warranty statement as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If it is no longer under warranty, in most laptops the display hinges screw into posts molded into the palmrest assembly. (the area around the keyboard including where the touch pad is located).

As the posts are plastic they sometimes break and the only solution is to replace the palmrest assembly.

Here’s a link to the ifixit LG Gram 15" Repairability Assessment guide which may be of some help in dis-assembling the laptop to gain access to the palmrest assembly so that you can ascertain the extent of the damage.

Here’s some images taken from the guide which shows the palmrest assembly and the location of the hinge posts and also a close up of the left and right hinges mounted on the palmrest assembly

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Searching online for parts for the laptop produced zero results. You may have better luck or you may have to contact LG spare parts in your location and ask.

If there is a part number stamped on the underside of the palmrest assembly try searching online using the part number only to see if there are any results for suppliers of the part. Just a thought.

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Thank you. I took the 8 screws off the back, popped the bottom off, and tightened the two screws on each hinge, and voila... the screen has no more free-play. By nature, this device's screen does wobble at its best, but very pleased that this was such an easy fix. Thanks again for your efforts.


Hi @scootro ,

Glad that it turned out to be a a simple fix.

Hopefully it will stay screwed up tight from now on ;-)


Yea, I bought this as an open box and it had some signs of abuse, so I guess the previous owner was rough with it. Should be ok now since I'm quite gentle with my equipment. Would a low-grade loktite be safe to use on the screws, instead of covering them with adhesive?


Hi @scootro ,

I don't know if loctite is suitable for plastics to metal. As it is primarily designed for metal to metal surfaces it may damage the plastic if it leaks down into the post hole.

I've had "supa glue" actually melt plastic that I was trying to glue down so am a bit wary of adhesives and plastics as it can vary so much. Even ones that stipulate OK for plastic may not be for Polyethylene but are OK for Polypropylene, etc.

I once ended up using wood glue to hold a screw in plastic, thinking that it should be OK. It's still holding ;-)

You may have to try and find an adhesive that is more suitable.

Contact JB Weld or even Loctite and ask them what is best to use in this situation

Good luck.


Worked for me! Pretty easy if you have the small screw drivers.


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