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Lanciato nel giugno 2009 / processore Core 2 Duo da 2,66, 2,8 o 3,06 GHz

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Is this RAM compatible with my mid 2009 MacBook Pro?

Block Image

Is this RAM compatible and/or is there any reason I should not buy it?

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You should not buy it because it does not specify what type of ram it is lol


This is the direct link. What information is missing?


That ram will work for your macbook. The picture you included did not have all the information needed to tell.


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It’s probably suitable, code includes a 1066 which is most probably the speed in Mhz. However, I agree with @a_i_takeover ..why bother buying from a source that hides infos on what they’re selling when you can buy a suitable upgrade from a more clear and reliable source ?


It seems site isn’t holding back any info, after you included the link with description that it’s clear.. yes, that’s a suitable RAM upgrade for your Mac. Picture description by itself could be improved though.

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Here's the Corsair site info Corsair SODIMM's for Mac's


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Err im not sure based on the description the website gave you.

This ram will work for you though:

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