I'm having problems with my ignition system

This past week I installed an aftermarket tachometer with the help of an online Toyota “expert”. I followed all his instructions and when all was said and done the truck would not crank to start. I can push start it and it runs fine. I went back to same expert and he said all the work looked good my ignition switch was bad. Today I installed a new ignition switch and it made no difference. I was told by someone else to check the fusible links , could one of these be causing my problem? If so where do I locate them? What else could cause my problem?

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Hi Alan

Some things to check,

when you on, does it have any power to dashboard.

so when you crank, do you see the dashboard light flicker or etc?

do you have a multimeter with you?


Try and crank it in the dark - look for sparks especially around the coil.

I had kinda same problem, farmer told me look at it in the DARK.


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