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Launched on November 2014, the HP Stream 13 is a thin unibody Windows® laptop priced to compete with Chromebooks and the entry level MacBook Air.

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How to make a "lack of space" HP Stream work

Want to find a quick solution to upgrade the sadly 32 GB storage without carrying an external drive with additional 250 GB?

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The Essential Toolkit

The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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The Essential Toolkit

The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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I bought a used stream at an electronic junkjard / recycle shop for $50.00 with Win 10 on it.

I went online to find a way to have a very slim Win 10. I disabled automatic updates!


If you download (might need another PC) and use the newest drivers for the WLAN, there is no problem IMHO.

I own a HP Stream and it works well. Yap, not the fastest, but enought to do email and browse websides. It is very rare that youtube videos interrupt streaming.


I “upgraded” my lack of storeage stream this way: The stream hosts a micro SD card slot - yuppi!

I got a SAMSUNG 250 GB micro SD (about $45) and popped it in.


I downloaded portable apps only and copied to the SD card, things like Ccleaner, audacity and so on…

Only a few programs that resisted to install on the SD card got installed on the C: drive.

Everything else that is not portable got install on the micro SD Drive.

I enjoy having a backup Laptop for under $100, sure not the fastest but well working.

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