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Unable to activate touch id after screen replacement

Hi everyone,

After replacing my iPhone’s 6 Plus screen, i get an error “unable to activate touch id” Is it because im using my else’s screen?

So instead of buying a new screen, i used some else as a screen replacement and just replaced the home button with mine.

I have tried Hard Reset and i still get an error. The home button still works fine.

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Try these if you haven’t already:

  • Make sure your using the original home button to the phone that Touch ID worked on
  • Try unplugging the battery, holding down the power button for 3 seconds with no charger plugged in then plug the battery back in and turn on
  • Make sure if you have the model that does when you swapped the screen if the metal heat shield with the flex where the home button plugs in is on the new screen.


  • These are just some tips I’ve used myself before and at least 1 of these has worked every time for me :)

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Its working now. I swapped the metal heat shield with the flex and is all good now.


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Ive had this before, your going to need to get an apple certified screen 3rd party isnt always great, that, or you didnt install the connections right

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