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iPhone 6s smashed screen and appears dead, no sound, no vibration

Hi I have a 6s that I was recently given by a freind. The phone has a smashed screen that doesnt do anything. it initially appears dead but will appear in itunes and I can call the phone and hear it ringing on another phone.

It wont vibrate when called or mute switch toggled. power button doesn’t work so will only power up when it is plugged in. I cannot answer a call through a headset nor hear anything.

Im considering buying the parts to fix the phone but is there any chance that there is something wrong with the logic board to stop all these functions from working?


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Update on the phone, replaced the screen and it all started working. I have repaired many phones before but never had one where the screen stopped other parts working. granted they were all older iphones. Thanks everyone.


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If the logic board detects a broken screen, it will start acting weird. Try to replace the screen.

iPhone 6s Screen

Sostituzione schermo iPhone 6s

Immagine iPhone 6s Screen


iPhone 6s Screen


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In my experience sometimes with other models like the 5S when the screen is that damaged the phone will appear dead, even if it’s just the screen sometimes it won’t vibrate or even appear in iTunes. My advice would be try a new screen, you can leg it and buy one and replace it or go down to a local repair shop and ask if they can test a screen on it to see if that’s the issue. Hopefully this helps :)

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