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The Pebble 2 is a smartwatch released by Pebble Technology Corp. in September of 2016, and is a revamped version of the original Pebble Watch.

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How do I re adhere the back plate to my pebble 2

I'd like to find the same adhesive or similar. I'm not exactly trying to make it water resistant like it's originally supposed to be but, I'd like to get as close as possible. If it helps it's plastic on both parts. And looks similar to a rubber cement type material.

. So that if I need to reopen my pebble 2 smartwatch at a later date. I'll be able to use a heatgun to open it.

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i just glewed itb back on. I hope this helped you out. I know that pebbel is very good too an i am god at technology so i am talentid. Don't be ashamed if you arent as god at it as me. (B==D) that’s a face not a pinus. Turn sideways if you seent. It

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This is incredibly unhelpful.


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