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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Best tape for screen replacement

I’m looking for the best double sided tape to use for the Surface Book 1 screen replacement. I’ve tried a few different tapes including some of that black double sided 3M stuff, some of the red acrylic double sided tape and even Kapton (although, this seemed utterly useless and I didn’t even bother to apply it to the screen since it was about as sticky as the wrapping on other tapes.)

What is the best tape to use for mounting the replaced screen? In the case of the Surface Book there’s a fan on the inside that applies a constant pressure to the screen so whatever the tape is needs to be pretty strong.

Thanks in advance!

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Kapton tape isn't an assembly tape. It's a thermal barrier tape.

I use the black 3M adhesive and never had a problem with it. Make sure the Surface frame is COMPLETELY clean before applying.


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I have heard of a few people using tesa tape an they say it's good

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