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Apple genuine Vs cloned chargers LiteOn/Delta - are they the same?

There’s a lot of debates on that topic. But no clear answer

Apple Genuine chargers are made by major power supply suppliers LiteOn and Delta which produce the majority of notebook chargers. They are pricey!

And there are like Apple ones, sold as LiteOn/Delta at half of the price, despite they look identical to the original. But they are not “Apple”. Despite they are quite like them. And that really confuses me…


I found no trustworthy investigation on how dangerous (or not) they are. But a lot of stories about the aftermath of knockoffs usage do worry me.

Any certain info on what they are out there?

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Good question!


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No! They are not the same!

The original Apple MagSafe & MagSafe2 chargers have a lot more protection logic in them than the cloned units. And yes it can be tough to tell the real from the fake! Here’s a bit more details on the differences:

And its not just the MagSafe chargers!

I’ve seen too many fakes and the damaged caused by them. I only replace with units I have directly bought from Apple.

One of the staff of one of my clients lost his charger in the field. He went down to a local computer store to get one as he need to finish his assignment. Plugged in his MacBook Pro for the night in a hotel room. Not only did the room burn 1/2 of the hotel did! And our staff person almost didn’t get out alive! The legal mess was still going on six years later when I finally left them.

Only use real Apple chargers or ones that Apple has signed off on. Even with the new USB-C power standard, I don’t trust off brand chargers as there is no way to legally get them if there is a problem.

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Ok @danj that looks convincing. BUT, the goods with “Abble" label cause no questions. That’s the instance shown in one of the articles you linked in the post. But I know also there are a lot of guaranteed ”from the box” Apple powerbricks with LiteOn or Delta as a manufacturer. I’m speaking of them exclusively.

But even if so, I wonder, isn’t there really any competing qualitative products? Or, at least, how to be sure I’m getting real genuine adapter, only the spark test? Apple’s price in my country is more than 120$, quite a price! But how can I be sure what I buy when I get it from thrd party store? There’s so much controversy and lack of valuable info.


Fakers go to great lengths to convince you the product is real, yet it's not!

Just look as the art forgeries of famous paintings. If there is a desire for something someone will try to take advantage of it.

Sadly, Apple's MagSafe chargers are still high on the list. I feel your pain! No one wants to spend more than they have too.

You need to look at which is cheaper the cost of the damage to your system and/or the harm to you and your family or getting the real charger.

I personally won't chance it as I've seen too many systems damaged and hearing directly of serious hurt. I wish you well on what you decide.


The problem is grounding on a lot of them. On the aluminum machines, they use the Soviet Russia standard of using the owner as a ground. Had one once because I couldn't step in and tell the person who bought it to shove it where it belongs; never again.

That doesn't account for things like voltage spike damage, which is just as common as using the system owner as a grounding point.

Outside of Apple (new), I will only buy used ones I can check myself against what I know to look for. I usually buy used for old machines but I need to see it works and it's genuine.


Ok, but even if I an Apple one - how can I be assured that's original?

What are the signs to trust?

I wonder, didn't anybody really took apart a few of them to compare? Why?


Yes, people have torn the units apart to see the second link is one example.

As a matter of course the companies I worked at went to marking the original chargers with a soldering iron after testing them on a test rig to see the power levels and wave forms. If it didn't match our control, it was thrown away.

Some labels were clearly fake with misspellings and poor quality. Others couldn't be ID'd as the marking and other signs where spot on.

The only way is to walk into an Apple Store and grab one from the shelf or ordering it directly from Apple online.


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