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Annunciato nel marzo 2015 e lanciato il 10 aprile 2015, il Galaxy S6 era a quel tempo il top della gamma Galaxy. La versione con schermo curvo è nota come Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Recover data from broken motherboard

Hi everyone, I have some data on my phone that I want to recover.

One day my s6 fell and it just died, no screen cracks no bents nothing, It just died.

I suspect it's the motherboard, but my condition is different from anything I found on this site:my phone still charges up, the display is completely dark and the phone doesn't connect to the pc but the led lights up accordingly if I'm charging it or if it's on.

Also, when I turn it on, the led lights up and stays on like if the phone is trying to boot up, but it never stops.

How can I recover data from this situation?

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Have you tried force restarting the phone? You can do this by holding power + volume down + home for 15 seconds and then try turning on the phone again.

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Just tried, still no response


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Maybe you can ask help from pro shop. Before that, try Broken Android Data Recovery. I am not sure it works well in your situation. Usually, data can be recovered from broken Samsung S6 by using it.

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