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What has happened? Graphics card issue?

Unit switches on. But I dot not get my usual home page. All I get is a white screen, with a greyed out folder in the middle of it with a question mark in it.

Update (03/07/2019)

Block Image

Block Image


Thanks for your reply. The case itself is intact.

I think it’s going to be one of those do I or don’t i moments! If it’s the HDD replacing it is simple enough.


Block Image

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Ouch! Sorry your HDD has died as this point you’ll need to get a replacement.

I would think long and hard before investing to much into this system. This series had a couple of problems, one was the lid frame would crack and the second was a defective GPU.

Frankly, I would place a prayer over it for the last time. Look at getting a newer used MacBook or MacBook Pro as a better investment.

Update (03/07/2019)

Looks like you got the double whammy! Your GPU chip has failed as well.

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