Black Screen After attempt on reusing the old motherboard

Hi, im having a problem currently that i can’t find online. Here is my story,

i have a broken display galaxy S7 edge (G935FD). Then i found an ad that is a used docomo s7 edge (SC-02H) in perfect condition for 100$. Upon arrival and testing, I noticed that this phone doesnt have any sound at the loudspeaker.

Seller said that the speaker works fine before he ship the phone to me. (He even sent me a video where the phone playing music, so i doubt he’s lying). So i assume its software issue, tried factory reset. Nothing. Change firmware. Nothing.

Then i decided to disassemble and reuse my old (G935FD) s7 edge speaker and put into the new (SC-02H) one. Still, nothing. Then i decided to swap the motherboard (since my old (G935FD) motherboard still works i better use it). Then black screen occurs. Phone heats up and there notification LED bootup. But no display and vibration. When i put in the new (SC-02H) motherboard back the display works fine again. Swap again with my old (G935FD) motherboard. It works but after restart it went black screen again.

So does it mean the phone display i bought only made and only works for SC-02H and will never be compatible? If so, how do i get the speaker works again? If this isnt possible, how do i get the SC-02H display to work with my G935FD motherboard? (BTW, speaker does function when connected to FD motherboard.)

Thanks in advance for someone who attempt to reply/helping this thread!

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