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Vizio XVT323SV "No Signal"

I have a Vizio model XVT323SV television. I purchased the TV in 2011.

I cut the cord many years ago, so I watch videos from Hulu and Netflix by connecting my computer to my TV via HDMI. From the time I purchased the TV, I had the HDMI cable in the first position. Everything worked great until a few days ago.

While watching a video, the screen went black and a few moments later the “No Signal” box appeared on the screen. It had never happened before so I restarted the computer and turned off, then on the TV.

When that did not work, I reseated the cable thinking perhaps one of my cats nudged it while walking behind the computer. Then I replaced the cable thinking the cable was perhaps broken. Then, thinking perhaps the HDMI port on my video card was defective, I hooked up a laptop that was connected, and working, on another TV. No luck. (Of course, I also tried each of the other HDMI ports on the TV (i.e. Ports 2, 3 and "Side.”)

The last think I did was reset the TV by choosing Menu —> Help —> Reset TV Settings.

Nothing has worked.

I am able to use each of the USB ports to listen to music or view pictures.

If anyone is able to help, I would appreciate it greatly.


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If none of the HDMI ports work but the usb ports do It sounds like either the main board is giving out or the HDMI ports are needing fixed. For me it would be easier to change the board rather that trying to fix the ports. Have you tried to hook anything else up to any of the other ports, such as the laptop to the VGA port or anything to the components or AV ports? If any of those works, I would check for loose connections to the HDMI ports. If they are loose then either try to resolder them or replace the board.

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