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Mattes Display gegen Glossy Display tauschen / Exchange Matte Display


kann ich bei einem MacBook Pro aus Mitte 2009 das matte Display-Assembly im Falle eines Defekts gegen ein Glossy Display aus einem MacBook auch aus Mitte 2009 tauschen?

Danke im Voraus für die Antworten!

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can I exchange the display-assembly of a MacBook Pro Mid 2009 Matte against a glossy display-assembly of a MacBook Pro Mid 2009 in case of a defect?

Thanks in advance for answers!

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Not really, although most parts are just the same, the matte version has the wifi/bluetooth board in the top case and that makes the replacement partially incompatible. If you would be happy without any wireless connection it shouldn’t be a problem instead.

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Thanks for your reply!

Can I install WiFi/Bluetooth on the board or are the Matte and Glossy MacBooks of Mid 2009 are using different internals?


@lorenzm It's quite some time since I had the chance to work on a matte 2009 Macbook Pro and I believe I don't have around any spares left to take a look unfortunately. Matte and glossy do have different I said the Matte has wifi/Bt board in topcase, whereas the glossy has them in the assembly. I honestly couldn't tell if some mod would be possible, I am sorry I can't be of further help.


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