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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Ram upgrade on mac mini

I ordered some new ram for my mac mini mid 2011,

Timetec Hynix IC Apple Compatible 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10600 SODIMM

off of amazon, i don’t know much about ram and didn’t know 1600 MHz is faster. i also found this one on amazon

Komputerbay MACMEMORY 16GB Dual Channel Kit 2x 8GB 204pin 1.35v DDR3-1867 SO-DIMM

im wondering what if i should return it and buy the other one or what the best ram i should buy

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PC3-12800 1600 MHz RAM is faster than PC3-10600 1333 MHz RAM, but that’s not relevant to your problem. The RAM bus (the pipeline connecting your RAM to your CPU) is 1333 MHz; faster RAM won’t make your computer any faster, because the CPU can’t talk to the RAM any faster than it’s designed to do.

RAM tends to be downward-compatible; faster RAM typically will scale down to a slower bus speed, as long as it’s the same type of RAM (PC2/PC3/PC4 etc.) and fits in the same socket. But the RAM scales down to the speed of the computer - the computer doesn’t speed up to the bus speed of the RAM. If you suspect you might be buying a newer PC3-12800 computer in the foreseeable future (like a 2012 mini, or a 2012 MacBook Pro), then it might make sense to get the faster RAM, so you have the option of moving it to the newer computer later.

I suggest you take the RAM you’ve already bought, install it in your mini, and see if it works. If it does, then enjoy it and move on. RAM is a commodity: If it works, different RAM won’t work “better”, it may just be more reliable. The standard practice in the RAM business is to offer a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered in any case.

If it doesn’t work, then contact the Amazon seller for replacement, and maybe get the faster RAM just in case.

PC3-10600 8 GB RAM Chip

Installazione della memoria RAM nel Mac mini, versione metà 2011

Immagine PC3-10600 8 GB RAM Chip


PC3-10600 8 GB RAM Chip


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You mean I can't race my Porsche down the 30 MPH street? ;-}

Sadly, too many people get stuck up on the speed of the RAM modules and not to pay attention to the limits of the bus (road in my example).


I suppose you can...funny how many people do that. I was bicycling home yesterday behind a young man in a new McLaren Spider sports car with dealer plates. He was going 20 MPH in stop-and-go rush hour traffic, revving his motor all the way. It seemed like a very expensive way to travel, considering that a 15-year old Honda Civic will go 20 MPH, burn a lot less gas, and the clutch is cheaper to replace :-/

My examples tend to be household ones. I'd compare bus speed limitations to plumbing: If your bathtub holds 50 gallons, your tap will pass 5 gallons per minute, and your inflow pipe is 1/2" diameter, it doesn't matter whether the reservoir is 5000 gallons or 10,000 gallons - the tub will fill at the rate determined by the chokepoint (probably the tap).


I think people run into the Spinal Tap "this dial goes to 11!" confusion. The Spinal Tap line is two jokes in one: The first is the idea that the amp's louder because the number's bigger. The numbers are the dial are meaningless - they're just indicators for "loud" and "quiet" in relative terms.

The second joke is one most people miss, because it's an electronics/audio engineer joke. A potentiometer (the "volume dial" in an analog audio circuit), when turned to maximum effect, silences the sound by diverting the audio signal to ground. The volume of the amplifier turned to 10 (maximum volume) is identical to the volume of the same circuit with no volume control at all; the potentiometer's effect on the circuit is reduced. If Nigel Tufnel had really wanted super-custom amps, he would have left the maximum volume at 10 and reduced the low end to -1 (no silence more quiet).


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