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A detachable 2-in-1 tablet and notebook manufactured in 2016 by HP.

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replace my digitizer screen now the screen won't light up

replace my digitizer screen now the screen won't light up but if I plug it on to a monitor i can see it?

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Did you disconnect the battery before installing the replacement screen?

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No, I did not.


That usually means the backlight fuse has blown. Shine a flashlight behind the apple logo of the screen and see if it displays a image on the screen while it's on.

If yes the macbook will need to be taken to a reputable macbook repair shop to get it fixed.

Try reseating the display cable with the battery unplugged and see if that helps.


Thank you and have a good day.


I feel dumb, I thought this was a MacBook air sorry.


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You may have just missed a cable. At least graphics card works as mionitor works.

Go over the steps again, slowly with good light. Some times the little ribbon cables can be tricky.

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Thanks a lot.


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