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13.3" ASUS i5-4200u HD Tablet

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Replacing ASUS T300 Chi micro USB port

When plugging in the ASUS USB dongle I use with my ASUS T300 Chi , a couple of days ago, I saw a small spark (I wasn’t sure I’d seen it it was so small and quick) and then I found that the computer stopped recognising anything I plug in. To make sure the problem is with the port and not the dongle I tried plugging in devices I usually plug in directly using micro USB to micro USB cables, still nothing. Just plugging in the dongle would normally have resulted in a beep.

Is it feasible to replace the USB port?

If so, where to I find the part? I’ve looked online and haven’t found something I am confident would be the right part.|l

The computer is a little over three years old and I hope I don’t have to change it yet!

Thank you

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Did you ever get it fixed? Please let me know…..


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To get at the motherboard, you will need to remove the touchscreen display. Since this assembly is literally glued on and the metal back has no give, it is extremely difficult and beyond most DIYers to remove it without destroying it. The glass is very thin and cracks easily. I recommend professional repair.

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Is the non-working micro USB port located on the docking module (lower part), or is it the one on the upper part - the “tablet”?

As said above, it will be hard for most DIYer to replace the micro USB port on the “tablet”, but it’s quite easy to replace it on the docking module. To gain access to the charging dock board do this:

  1. Remove 4 rubbers on the bottom case
  2. Remove 10 screws on the bottom case

Here is the original part number for the logic board (motherboard) of the docking module: 90NX00B0-R10030

One of these (used) is currently available on eBay:

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