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L'Apple iPhone 5s è stato presentato il 10 settembre 2013. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è simile a quella dei modelli precedenti e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di estrazione. Disponibile nelle versioni GSM o CDMA con capacità di 16 , 32 o 64 GB nei colori Argento, Oro e Grigio Siderale.

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почему быстро садится аккумулятор

Все было хорошо, вдруг аккумулятор сел в 0 и не заряжался, пришлось его толкать. После этого очень неадекватно он начал себя вести, заряд очень быстро терялся, выключался на 20%. Поменял на китайский новый, поменял нижний шлейф. Стал заряжаться, но за ночь разряжался со 100 до 5%, если не поставить на зарядку. Через 5 месяцев акб вздулась, поменял теперь уже на оригинал. Может к делу относится: перестал со временем работать touch id, шлейф надорвался, кнопку отключил от платы. Сейчас та же история, разряжается очень быстро даже с выключенным экраном. Все это время были попытки полного сброса, перепрошивок, обновлений. И отключал все что только можно. Ещё интересный момент, в разделе аккумулятор настроек написано, что экран выключен был только 8 минут, включён 6 часов, что совсем не соответствует действительности. Разряжается за час при минимальном использовании. Что это может быть?

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Why the battery quickly sits down

Everything was fine, all of a sudden the battery sat at 0 and was not charging, I had to push it. After that, he began to behave very inadequately, the charge was very quickly lost, turned off by 20%. Changed to Chinese new, changed the lower loop. I started charging, but overnight I was discharged from 100 to 5%, if not put on charge. After 5 months, the acb was swollen, changed now to the original. Maybe the case concerns: the touch id stopped working with time, the cable burst, the button was disconnected from the board. Now the same story, discharges very quickly, even with off the screen. All this time there have been attempts at a complete reset, flashing, updates. And turned off all that is possible. Another interesting point in the battery settings section says that the screen was turned off for only 8 minutes, turned on for 6 hours, which is not at all true. Discharged in an hour with minimal use. What could it be?

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Several things can cause Battery Drain issues. You will need to isolate some variables in order to get a better understanding of what is wrong. The problem could be a bad replacement battery, excessive current draw from one of the modular components (camera, button, screen) or it could be a problem on the logic board itself.

Here are some things to try:

1.     It could be a bad replacement battery; there are lots of cheap batteries on the market.

·      Try replacing with a known-good battery or order a good one from here.

2.     You could have excessive current draw from one of the modular components; for example, the backlight, a camera or a sensor. You may notice a hot spot on the phone or screen.

·      Fully charge the battery first.

·      Disconnect the battery and then disconnect one modular component at a time to see if you can determine which part is bad. I would start with the front camera flex, then the rear camera, then home button.

3.     If that doesn’t make a difference, then you should try to disconnect the screen to see if it’s the screen or the logic board

·      Disconnect the battery, then disconnect the flexes for the screen assembly, buttons and cameras, leaving only the Lightning Dock connected to the logic board (follow these [guides]). When you are done, re-connect the battery.

·      Go back after an hour or more and test the condition of the battery. You will need to download either coconutBattery (Mac) or 3uTools (Windows) to see the battery condition.

·      It could also be the Lightning port so you could try the same test as above but with the Lightning port disconnected once the battery is charged (connect it back to test the condition of the battery).

4.     You may have a damaged logic board. This will require a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY. Drops, bends, water damage or using poor quality charging bricks and cables, can cause this.

Do a thorough visual inspection, preferably with magnification, of the area surrounding the battery connector. There are several tiny SMD components just above the connector. If components are missing (which can happen when you pry the connector off), then the battery state does not get communicated to the CPU and this can also cause charging issues and fluctuating readings.

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