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The Xtreme 2 is a large portable Bluetooth speaker, released in January 2018. This Speaker comes with an IPX7 and up to 15 hour battery life. Model: PL

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Lack of base can't play low frequency

Hello i have jbl xtreme 2 and every button sound have very low volume also turning on/off sounds and when i play music its not having bass at all like passive radiators are not mooving at max volume even my jbl charge 3 sounds better help me someone :(

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Hold bluetooth button and the volume down button together for 10 seconds. Power button should be white for a little bit and there you go, you have entered the low frequency mode!

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That dosnt work I've tried ugh


The "low frequency mode" can damage the speakers, or so I've heard.


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what do you think is more bass?, a normal mode or a lfm?

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