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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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USB & Bluetooth not working

So I have problem with this mid 2011 Mac Mini,

I know it is hardware problem 100% because I try to connect faulty printer, and there was electro-shock sound pop nothing special.

Everything was just right with Mac, but after few days It has a problem when I turn on Mac its says Bluetooth not connected and all USB ports provide power but doesn’t work, still mac boot to OS and it seems to be working just fine of course with team viewer.

After few restart USB and Bluetooth was working. But, after a month there was no way to get USB and Bluetooth working. I tried everything like resetting SMC and all those stuff.

I was thinking about replacing those two SMC USB controllers but I want to check anything else that may be a problem something in common with Bluetooth and those two SMC chips.

If anyone know something about that or can provide me schematics please help. Or, If anyone have this kind of problem lets together make this to work. This is a sad mac mini for now :)

Update (02/10/2019)

I just finished testing SMC chip, it has those 3V on input and also 3V on output between data + and -, what can be else… :(

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Have Your tied running on-board diagnostics? Restart your system and press the D Key to start it.

Mac startup key combinations


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Ouch! Your logic board got zapped!

The USB cable from your printer you plugged in has either a short within it to AC or you are using the wrong power brick for the device.

So what happens is the power surge into your computer damaged the logic board. Here’s the IFIXIT guide Mac mini Mid 2011 Logic Board Replacement and you’ll find the different logic boards listed. Presently IFIXIT is out of stock.

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I do recommend you get a good surge suppressor and plug all of the devices into it to protect your system.


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