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Power Surge - Now Dead

This morning we had a storm and lost power. There were several surges as the power came back on. After I got power back and was resetting clocks in the kitchen I could smell an electrical burning smell vaguely. It seemed like all the appliances were working, but I did not check the dishwasher. The wife did this afternoon and it is completely dead, no response. I have turn the breaker off for 10 minutes and back on still nothing. My thought is the control board's probably fried. Any thoughts from anybody else? Thanks in advance! Whirlpool Gold Series Model # WDT780SAEM1

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Hi @seattlekev ,

A burning electrical smell is not a good sign.

It may be that the electronic control board has been affected by the power surge. The only way to tell is to open up the control panel and inspect the control board for damage.

Here’s a link that may be of some help as it gives the layout of the parts in the Control Panel and also the cost of the control board (part #8).

There are other suppliers if this one doesn’t suit. It was shown just to give you an idea of the cost and location of the part

If you get storms/outages frequently, for the future have you considered having the dishwasher (and other appliances as well) connected to the power outlet via a surge protector (some are inbuilt into powerboards (powerstrips?) etc. At least if a storm or outage occurs it will be sacrificed and not the appliance. The downside is that most surge protectors do not indicate when they have failed (or operated if you like) so after a storm you’re not certain if the protection is still there or not as the power is still available. The better ones do but their cost makes having a few around the place debatable.

As an aside, check the provisions of your Home Contents Insurance policy to see if the home appliances are covered for damage by storms and outages.You may be able to get it repaired/replaced under insurance. Just a thought.

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I sure appreciate it @jayeff! I am having a bit of trouble getting that Model # to Google. I suspect that it is a designated Lowe's #. Is there a reference table anywhere that might cross that # to a more commonplace #, i.e., Whirlpool's factory #? I was hoping to get a little YouTube help along the way.


Hi @seattlekev,

I just Googled "WDT780SAEM1 parts" to get a page of results for suppliers.

You could try the same on YouTube, look for "WDT780SAEM1 replacing control board" or similar


I wish that I could post a picture so I could show you the blackened exterior of the surge protector that I was smart enough to put on the dishwasher, but smart enough to remember putting on there! I now have a pretty good idea of how to get the entire control panel pieces apart! LOL Thanks for your help! I believe I am good.


Hi @seattlekev ,

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Did you check the warranty provisions on the surge protector, if it has any that is?

Where I am they are selling plug-in surge protectors (also powerboards with built in surge protection) that states that they will cover the cost of the appliance repair/replacement if the surge protector fails to protect the appliance. They will not replace the surge protector however.

Not all brands of surge protector have this warranty

This is just an example of the warranty on this brand of surge protected powerboard.

Not pushing them just showing what may be on offer where you are ;-)


Well, no problem this time. I am very happy with my Monster Power Single Outlet Surge Protector @ $7.99 and I am currently listening to my dishwasher running in the background! Thanks again man!


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