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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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MacBook Pro has trouble turning on & weird sound from optical drive

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a 2010 13” Unibody MacBook Pro from my friend. It has a cracked screen and trouble booting up. I’ve come onto here because I can fix the glass easily, but the trouble booting up part I cannot seem to find an answer to. So, I am wondering if anyone here can assist me with their greater knowledge.

So, upon receiving the MacBook, he tells me it does not like to power on. When you press the power button, it makes a weird whistle-scraping sound upon initially powering on, before shutting off with a whistle-like noise. If you hold the power button, it does that too, but less often. Although, when you do get it to boot up, it freezes at 3/4 full, sometimes. A good chunk of the time, it will fully power on. It is coming from the optical drive is all that I can tell.

So, I make it to the home screen. I can use it normally for a bit, but then it will randomly shut off with a quick screen flash rather than just going black. There is no pattern to it, it just happens randomly.

I plan to fix the laptop, upgrade the HDD to a SSD, go from 4GB to 8GB of RAM, replace the battery, and fix the cracked glass screen. Although, I’m at a standstill because I’ve looked up everything, and cannot seem to find an answer or solution to my problem which needs fixed before I go on with the upgrades. I can’t take it to the Apple store either, they will know it has been opened because it is missing 2 screws, and well, its a 2010, they no longer support it…

I have tried multiple troubleshooting techniques, too. “Resetting” or “flashing” the VRAM by hold Command+Shift+P+R while booting up, disconnecting the battery and optical drive flex cables, updating to High Sierra, and even wiping and resetting the entire laptop, and all to no avail.

If anyone can give me some insight or know the solution, I would appreciate any help I can get. I have also attached some videos to give insight to noises and the issues happening on the computer.

Thank You!

Video Links:

(Volume may need to be turned up to hear noises)

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Remove bottom of the Mac and open screen at 75°, then put it on the side so that is in a standing position with magsafe port on the upside and turn it on, you should be able to identify where the noise comes from. If it’s the hard drive that might be the cause of many issues and surely needs to be replaced. If it’s the superdrive, turn off the Mac, unplug the relevant cable from the logic board and see if things start working properly. I hardly experienced superdrive causing such issues but it’s worth a try. If noise comes from the fan, it needs replaced but it shouldn’t be the cause of your problems. After these first tries we might get a hint, but there shouldn’t be anything left capable of making weird noise.

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Alright, so I have opened it and listened, and it is most definitely coming from the optical drive. The hard drive turns on and works fine, you don’t hear anything, and can feel a gentle spinning from the inside disk if you touch it. Upon unplugging the optical drive, the boot up issue persists, just no scratchy-whistle sound upon attempt. The fan is also quiet, so it is the optical drive where the noise it coming from.


I'd try replacing thermal paste and test the hard drive for errors followed by an attempt to reinstall the OS to not leave anything untried, but it might as well be a logic board issue. If you have a cd stuck in the superdrive try keeping the trackpad clicked as soon as you press the power button but it might need a manual removal.


I'll try the thermal paste, but I don't think much will happen because all it does is help transfer the CPU's heat. Although, for the hard drive, my friend said he tested one from a good MacBook (his older, 2009 one that he uses today) and it still had the issue, so it is not an optical drive or hard drive issue... I've also already reset and reinstalled the OS. Sadly, you maybe right as in it is a motherboard issue. Ill keep trying things and update this post when I get more details.


I believe then it has been done all that's reasonable to try to rule out a logic board issue and that has failed. Sorry to say that it doesn't sound even like a secondary logic board issue that can be fixed..probably Cpu is involved and it's not worth the effort or the cost to try to fix it..even I have already dropped more than one to the pile of boards for parts only. Cpu and Pch are not worth fixing on those boards anymore..


Dang, I was really hoping to fix it. I’ll still look around because there is a chance it’s not the CPU, and could just be a transistor or something else small. But thank you for your help! I’ll let you know if I do find anything, or if I just trash the board.


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