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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Kenmore 500 agitating on fill, but nothing else...

Washer was doing nothing, so I jumped the lid switch. Now it is agitating when on the fill cycle. No water comes out, won't spin out. I have continuity in the pressure switch and on both hot and cold valves. The motor makes a buzzing sound on spin as well… I'm at a loss, and hoping its not a timer.

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Most machines will agitate with a bad lid switch but will not spin. I would actually replace the switch, then see if the problem persists.

Kenmore Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly WP8318084

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Wouldn't jumping the lid switch take that out of the equation?


It might have, but apparently didn't. I have no idea if your "jump" was wired correctly and actually bypassed. It might help if we knew your model number.

My repair experience tells me to fix what is known to be defective first and then see if the problem persists.


Model number is 28522701. Its hard to mess up a jumper for the lid switch... I don't happen to have an extra lid switch and I don't belive in throwing parts at something that might end up being a waste of money. Thanks


Then all I have to go on is a buzzing sound.


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