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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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MacBook Air (2017) with replaced SSD freezes after wake-up


I have a quite new MBA 2017, I got with 128GB SSD.

I have replaced the SSD with the Apple (Samsung) 512GB, which worked fine with my previous MBA 2014.

I have this problem for quite some time already, went through PRAM and SMC reset, reinstalled Mojave from scratch… Nothing seems to work…

Is there anything I can do? Or is there at least the reason for this issue?

Thank You! Milan

Update (01/26/2019)

My SSD is Apple/Samsung.

Model: MZ-JPU512T/0A2

S/N: S18YNYAD637717

512GBSSUAX 655-1805A *DN132510AWDF754AK*

As per my reading of The Ultimate Guide, it doesn't seem that there are compatibility issues.

Also, MacBook Air works perfectly smooth apart from freezing.

Thanks again…

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First Review This Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs To make sure you’ve go the correct SSD for your system. Your MacBook Air needs a PCIe 3.0 x4.

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As far as I have read, the guide finds all gen3 and gen4 SSDs similar and compatible.

My SSD is Apple/Samsung MZ-JPU512T/0A2.

The computer still keeps freezing..

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