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HELP! not booting, black screen and repeating startup noise

Whenever I try to boot up my Macbook pro I am greeted with all the normal sounds but the screen doesn’t turn on and the startup noise keeps repeating itself.

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Hello I can help you diagnosed do you have any tools to open the macbook?

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yes I do have tools to open it


Try This methods to see if you can get a image on the screen once you do stop trying the methods:

Method 1 unplug the charger now hold the power button down for 10 seconds keep holding and plug the charger then let go.

Method 2: press the power button once and immediately press at the same time Command & Option & P R and the same time keep holding it until you hear double chime.

Method 3 unplug the charger cable if connected and flip the macbook over to open the bottom screws once is remove locate the battery cable and disconnected leave it disconnected. Then plug the charger and press the power button see if it boots normal.

Method 4 disconnect the charger and locate the lcd connector and disconnect and reconnected. Plug the charger and press the power button.

Method 5 disconnect the charger and remove one memory ram stick and connect the charger and press power button.

Method 6 disconnect the charger and locate the hard drive flex and disconnected and plug the charger and press the power button.


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