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Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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I replaced my apple watch series 3 screen now screen not lighting up

hello i replaced my apple watch series 3 screen and now the screen will not light up its blank but when i charge it its on because i hear the charging sound i dont know what to do please help

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Have you tried reseating the display connection?


when you mean reseating what do you mean by that? thank you and have a nice day


Reconnecting the connections


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Did your old screen work before repair or was it blacked out? If it worked, try your old screen. If your old screen works, then double check that all the connectors are seated properly. On the series 3 those three connectors can be tricky to get pushed all the way up into their socket.

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thank you i did both already i reconnceted my old screen its blank also i dont know if i did something wrong or i maybe burned both screen if thats possible but thank you again for the advice.


Youre welcome. Hopefully there is no damage to the board in the watch. Maybe try another screen just for verification and if the issue persists then its a board level problem.


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