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Shark Ultimate Professional 1800-watt clothes iron, identified by model number GI505.

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Why does my shark iron temp setting light keep changing?

My shark iron is only 4 months old. When I set the temperature control light, it will not stay set. It runs up and down and may even turn itself off.

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My iron does the same thing and has done this since Day 1. The steam doesn’t always work either. I thought it was something I was/wasn’t doing right. I’ve had my iron for over a year.


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Hi @littleproblems ,

It appears that there may be a problem with the temperature sensor in the iron.

There is a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on the iron.

As the iron is only 4 months old, I suggest that you contact the manufacturer as per the details in the manufacturer’s warranty statement that should have come with the iron, as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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