Released July 2018. Versions: Mi A2 (Global); Mi 6X (China)

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sim recognized but no signal!

Hello Guys !

I have the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite,

great budget device and it was working perfectly, until one day i woke up and found that both sim cards have “no service” but i can see the operator name detected in sim settings

i’ve tried everything like factory reset and *#*#4636#*#* but no solution

could please see about that guys

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I looked around and saw something about an October update causing issues with celular connectivity


@connor2003 yes i think that too

because i updated the phone to android 9.0 few days before the "no service incidence"

i'll try to flash it and see


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If I were you, on the issue of SIM connectivity, the first thing I would do is call my carrier, ask them if anything happened on their end. That what you should probably do as well.

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no I've tried them on other devices and they work perfectly !


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Same issue here, with my A1. Since the Android 9.0 Update no signal.

Downgrade to 8 did not help.

Did you make any progress?

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i flashed it but still no progress

i think that the 9.0 update provoked the problem on sim card reader board

its a hardware problem with this device

cuz a lot of people are having it

check this out


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