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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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The Ntsc-j N64 has noise and bad quality on Pal TV

Hi, i have a problem with my old japanes nintendo64 that has noise and bad quality on Pal tv screen. the cartridge has inserted in console is "Golden EYE" USA version.

and i must say in past i connected the 110V power supply into 220V!

Sorry for English.

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Have you tried a different cartridge? Does this happen to all of them? How long has this been going on? Did it work before or is this something that just happened? What is the serial number of your console?


Thank you for giving answers

-The issue about some cartridges there are other. and Unfortunately I do not know nothing about the past of this device. The model NO. is "NUS-001(JPN)" and this: "G744618 NUS-JPN".

-"and i must say in past i connected the 110V power supply into 220V!"

oh god! i'm forget to say that after this action, the psu has Bursts!!!

Actually I'm looking for a way to the video system from NTsc to PAL do change. Any modification on the main board or making an ntsc to pal converter or ...



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The only way to convert your console to NTSC is be means of a converter like Richdave suggest. There is a way of converting "some" of the N64 to RGB by modifying your console. You will have to check more closely on your serial number to make sure that your console is "modable" Here is thetutorial and there are more that tell you more. Oh yes, you should be looking into getting a new PSU as well. Good Luck

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Isn't the console already an NTSC with a US game in it?


Sorry! Was written wrong, I like to convert the NTSC to PAL.and the psu was repaired too.

Thank you "oldturkey03", I should say my N64 is'nt Modable. I already tried it.

I want to know the device is defective? or according to "Richdave" it related to PAL & NTSC system?

sorry for my english.


if the PSU "burst" as you say, then it should be replaced regardless of any other symptom. The description of the video out you describe fits what I have seen with NTSC signal into a PAL TV. That suggests that the console is likely working and needs the correct video signal converter (try eBay) but you need to replace the PSU to be sure.


terma, I'd go with what Richdave is suggesting. Not knowing which mods you attempted your best bet would be a converter. Change your PSU and start one thing at the time. What mods did you undertake to get it to RGB? Check this forum for some more help on it.


Thank you guys.

Rgb case was cancelled entirely. I will try the psu Czech and I'm also looking for a PAL converter.


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NTSC and PAL are different TV broadcast standards. You cannot expect that an NTSC signal will be displayed on a PAL TV correctly. You need a converter. eBay has them listed for around $25 - $90.00

If you did plug the PSU into the 220V supply and it was not rated for 220V I'd expect it would not work at all afterwards. Perhaps it is a multi voltage PSU like most modern plug packs.

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