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Repair guides and support information for televisions manufactured by RCA.

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Won't turn on anyway to reset it?

My RCA 32 inch. Won't turn on anyway to reset it? I tried to reset it the remote but there was no clear button on the remote so I could not use the remote to reset it. There is a red light on but everytime I try to press the power button it doesn't turn off and I don't know what to do.

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tv cut on an off red light flashing I can unplug it an it flashes one time than red light flashing


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Katelin Hieber  it is possible that this is a power board issue or a main board issue. We would need you to give us the complete model number for your TV and have you remove the back from it. Take a look at the boards (after unplugging the set) and check for obvious damage like domed, leaky capacitors etc. After that you will need a multimeter to check the fuses, connectors etc. You can always post some pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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Me too. I'm sending pics of back. Fingers crossed hoping you can help


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